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Welcome to the Jews of Singapore Website. Here you can find all sorts of information pertaining to the Singaporean Jewish community, as well as some information on Jews in Asia in general.

Traditional Community/History:
Tho oldest Jewish community in Singapore is the Orthodox community. It was founded over 150 years ago by Iraqi merchants. The present-day members are mostly Sephardic.

  • "Shabbat Morning at Maghain Aboth"
    Reflections on Shabbat morning services at Maghain Aboth synagogue, by Matt Levy
  • "Two Shuls"
    Images of the two Synagogues
  • Item 3
  • Item 4
  • "Reconformodox":
    The second community is the "everyone else" community. This group is centered around the United Hebrew Congregation (Singapore) and is lovingly referred to as "Singapore's Reconformadox" Congregation.

  • "Sojourners in Singapore"
    A condensed history of the United Hebrew Congregation (Singapore), by Jim Busis
  • "Reflections on a Singapore Yontiff"
    Rosh Hashanah- Sinagpore Style. By Joe Levy.
  • "Poolside Shabbat"
    Out of the Synagogue, on to the patio- By Diane Levy
  • Item 8
  • Israelis
    The third and final Jewish community on the island is the Israeli Community. Some say that the abundance of palm trees reminds them of home.
  • The Israeli Community
    A brief description thereof.
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