Tom Fugate
What will you see here?

Family History- I am new at it, but I am working on a family tree. I may have to travel to England to go back further than I currently have.

Bicycling- My favorite form of exercise other than (no I won't say that). Pictures from some of my bicycle trips.

Basketball- Maybe some shot of our local high school: Gate City High in Gate City, VA. I was the team photographer for several years.

Science Fiction, Fantasy and some other stuff - Unpublished, but still trying.

Cowboy Action Shooting (SASS)- My current shooting game of choice. Any group that requires costumes and aliases is out to have fun. It is hard to take yourself overly serious when you have to use a cowboy name and dress the part.

Computers and other stuff - I program and work on computers for a living.

Oh yeah, I am not politically correct. Of course, you probably gathered that from the picture.
Tom Fugate AKA Glen Fiddich
My Favorite Links:
SASS Home page
Bike Virginia
VA Tech Sports
My Info:
Name: Thomas Lee Fugate