March 1998

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My Word On Fashion

"Fashion is a creative output for myself. I don't dress up for the boys, and I certainly don't do it to impress the girls, I do it for myself. I express my individuality and creative spirit through what I choose to wear." --I hope this is why you're here too!

It doesn't matter what body size you are! Just with a writer or artist, all art comes in different sizes and shapes. Would you like it if all canvas paper were the same size and all books were the same length?

There are ways to make a beautiful person (all of you reading this) even more beautiful by knowing what is flattering. But you have to understand, this is for yourself and your own confidence, not to impress your crush or those girls who could never accept you for you.

This is no definition for pretty and none for gorgeous, for beauty is in the eye of the beholder -- and that beholder should be you. --Kristin Lightner, editor

Some information about the Buttercup Fashion Staff:


I am currently attending college in the Denver area, work at a daycare, and am also a model. For several years now, I've been very interested in fashion. I've taken a basic fashion class, keeps up on current trends, and one day dream of being a designer.


I'm 15, and I live in Herndon, VA. I'm interested in being a fashion editor for a magazine when I grow up. I also write for another 'zine, Teen Stuff (mail to if you are interested!)

In This Month's Edition:

Spring Fashions: Spring this year's pretty and flirty with the new styles of plaids and flowers! Stressing about prom? Learn what labels are making which style of dress this year!
Street Trends: Comfy and casual rule! Come and see people around the country in their best casual clothes!
Best and Worst Dressed of the Month: There's no denying it, celebrities affect the way we dress! Which celebrity has the best fashion sense, which one has the worst? Come and see!
Fashion Help!: Has anyone ever told you that you looked ill even when you felt fine? Or felt that striped dress just didn't look right? Fashion tips for everyday living, and how to improve the way you look and feel!
Fashion Links: A huge page of fashion and modeling links! Come and see them all!
Our Message Board: Buttercup's message board to discuss, get advice, and to vent! See what other teens around the country are interested in!

Ideas, suggestions and comments are always welcome! You can mail us at:
Kristin Lightner or Liz

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