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The following was a present from my wonderful boyfriend to me on our six-month. We're now at a year and half and counting. He's the one who got me interested in web pages to begin with. Obviously I've tampered with this one a bit...

This is my beautiful and wonderful girlfriend, Cynthia, whom I love very much, and my name is Wayne.

Cynthia and I started going out on October 4, 1997 and our Sixth month-a-versary is soon upon us. Part of my gift to you, Cynthia, is this page. The rest will come later.

I love you.



Isn't he great? You can get to his X-Force page by my links page. Anyway, about me...
My real name is Cynthia Armstrong (in case you couldn't guess), I'm seventeen, five foot eight inches, 120 pounds, and I'm a (well, duh) brunette with blue eyes. I play the piano, sing, ride horses, work out, I have limited taekwondo ability, I'm a Christain, and (here's a shocker) I enjoy being an individual. My deepest belief is that you can only be happy if you can be yourself. I belive in equality and understanding, and I try to do all that I can to save our planet. I just got back from the rainforests of Costa Rica, and it was just amazing. We all need to concentrate our efforts to save these magical forests.
Here's a picture of my mother, myself, and my sister Charlotte at home and just about to leave and go to Elizabeth's on 37th in Savannah:

This is a classic shot of my with my nose stuck in a book at the lake house:

Finally, an updated picture of me. My hair's actually quite long, I just have it pulled back in this shot.

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This is "Hero" by Mariah Carey. I chose it not out of any over-fondess for her music, but for the meaning in the words. Wayne will always be my hero.

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