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This page is for those who like absinthe or are just curious about the forbidden drink. For those of you who don't know, absinthe was an alchoholic bevrage that was consumed by the bohemian artists and writers of the nineteenth centuries. It is now illegal in the U.S., and the information on this page is just that, information. We here claim no responsibilty for any results that come from using this information for any reason other than educational. I will put recipes here as I get them ready, as most of the ones that have are the original recipes and are for manufacturing bulk quantities. If you have any recipes that you would like presented, e-mail me. I will also be including people's experiences with absinthe if you e-mail them to me.

I. Recipes
A. Super Potent Absinthe-this recipe was developed out of one that was used by the producers of the nineteenth century. It is extremely potent, and caution is advised when consuming this particular variety of absinthe.
1.grind 25 grams dried wormwood 50 grams anise 50 grams fennel 2.combine with one liter 170 proof ethanol and mix well 3.steep for 12 hours in a double broiler 4.add 1 half liter water and heat 5.collect 1 liter of distillate 6.to .4 liters of that distillate, add 10 grams of wormwood, hyssop, and five grams lemonbalm, all being dried and finely divided 7.heat at medium 8.siphon off liquor 9.filter 10.combine with remaining .6 liters of distillate 11.add water if needed to make one liter of absinthe.
End product=74% alchohol by volume.

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