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Hey All -
Welcome to the webpage of the century (almost). Actually, this is my first time on the web (I know that you are sick of hearing that, but . . .), so this page is going to be a very basic testamonial of myself. M'name is Brian M. Hailey, I'm 5' 7.5", and hate to use capital letters (call me lazy), so from now on i will not. most call me brian, but some call me skippy (God knows why), and even fewer call me skip-dawg (there are few survivors). you can call me brian. if you like to b.s. lots, or you think that skippy is a cool name, or even if you think that the sky is not blue (it's a hazy purple, i tell you), you can email me at i like email. one time i got an email from this one fat guy, and i mean he was orca-fat (sorry about the stolen movie line - special thanks to kevin spacey). have you ever had one of those feelings - yeah, i bet you have. ok, now back to the task at hand. i suppose that you want to know all about me (yeah right), and how much homework i do per night, and what my cat's last name is, and how many times i have watched star wars. well, i don't care, so why should you? but if you are really interested, then here are some links a moi:

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