Damon's Home Page

These are just a few of my more useful links.
Here's a great referance for microchips, a searchable index based on chip number.
My inventory list of spare chips.

My Jeep YJ page, it's quite a work in progress. I'm nearing completion though - Light at the end of the tunnel!!
The Jeep CJ7 that I'm building up for my folks.
The radiator photos for fitting a 304 radiator onto a 258.
The Lock-O-Matic writeup on autolocking hubs with a manual override, with Warn strength!
The On-Board Welder writeup with plenty of photos. Homebrew at its finest. Nothing beats the convenience of having a dirt-cheap engine driven arc welder.
The Incognito Mountain Overninght wheeling trip, up "Incognito Mountain" on July 28-29 2001.

My Fiat page, photos of my old X1/9, the Abarth X1/9, and my buddy Rob's X1/9 that he better fix up! Soon I'll add some photos of my newest X1/9!
The newest page : The Military Vehicle site. It's an ongoing story about getting an M54. Check back often!

Some photos from last spring's trip to Cape Cod.
My midi page, with aging links to several other !usefull sites. *

I love my Cyrix chips! Not one Intel in the whole machine (SiS chipset!)

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